Franchise Investors

Franchise Investors is an investment group focused exclusively on assisting early-stage franchisors, retailers, and service businesses.

Unlike other investment firms, Franchise Investors gets actively involved in all aspects of the business, including marketing, real estate, finance, strategy, and operations.

"As a company, Franchise Investors looks to take equity positions in companies in which we will play an active role in adding value," states Mark Siebert, a Principal in Franchise Investors.

"The principals of Franchise Investors have significant experience in the areas of franchising, retail development, real estate, and corporate finance. They have worked with some of the nation's leading franchise, retail, and service companies -- both start-ups and established franchisors. They have taken companies public."

Franchise Investors may bring in outside capital, may act as a principal in its investments, or both. If you have a company that may be a candidate for Franchise Investors, contact Scott Jewett at (949) 788-2922.